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Your strategic partner, we stand for good values.

We create customized solutions by applying the latest technologies and the most advanced human knowledge. Our mission is to empower and optimize your goals uniquely.

We are the factory that develops products and applications to take you to the next level. We pride ourselves in creating high-quality digital solutions tailored to your needs and rigorously following your brand guidelines.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our products are top-quality, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and the expertise of our professionals. Our goal is to transform ideas into exceptional digital products.


How do we address your needs?

Through a wide network of experts, with deep knowledge, at aFactory we operate as enablers and innovators. Through Data Analytics, Engineering, Architecture and Artificial Intelligence skills, we seek the best optimization so that companies can develop under the pillars of thinking, working and operating. Driving together their constant evolution.

Data, Analytics & AI

We implement solutions that will help you make the best decisions. We rely on an intensive use of data, with a comprehensive methodology, real time and machine learning.

We help companies accelerate knowledge and value in different industries by extending their processes with data.

We identify metrics and analyze the course of your business with a real-time information processing, thanks to the development of data warehouse processing, we create analytical ecosystems and products together with AI/ML through an exclusive team of data professionals.

  • Big data
  • Data engineering
  • Data science
  • Data visualization
  • Data products

Service Delivery Center

We create digital products of the future and accelerate the delivery of digital solutions, such as mobile applications, enterprise software, web platforms and e-commerce solutions, using agile methodologies and modern development tools.

We ensure that the solutions meet the required standards and satisfy the needs of all our customers and partners.

We help develop and implement customized digital solutions to meet all your needs.

  • Software development
  • Blockhain (architecture, smart contracts, daaps, integrations)
  • Self sovereign identitity (SSI)
  • Testing
  • UX / UI
  • Agile / hybrid methodologies

Innovation Lab

We provide an environment of collaboration and creativity that drives unconventional thinking. Our technology experts work together in cross-functional teams to explore new ideas and develop innovative solutions to solve all of tomorrow's challenges.

Cutting-edge technology solutions and a team of highly trained experts.

The best way to give your project a competitive edge in the marketplace.

  • Autonomous machines
  • Implementation of products based on IoT and Sensors
  • Implementation of products using artificial intelligence models.
  • Development on Virtual Augmented and mixed realitity devices (AR/VR/MR).
  • Solutions based on Metaverse - Blockchain- Decentralization.

Talent Acquisition

We identify the most suitable IT talent for your projects.

We provide top-tier candidates in terms of headhunting and outsourcing.


Meet the team

Through a wide network of experts with extensive experience, in aFactory we operate as strategic allies for companies, through Data Analytics, Engineering, Architecture and Artificial Intelligence skills, we seek the best optimization so that companies can develop together driving their constant evolution.

Gustavo Herrera


IT Business Sales Manager
Co Founder

Matías Loizaga


IT Managing Manager
Co Founder

Ines Grotz


General Manager
Co Founder

Federico Valentino


Chief Operating Officer

Mariano Ortega


Chief Technology Officer

Belen Fernandez


HR Manager

Around the world

We are aFactory

At aFactory, we are more than a company. A community of more than 90 passionate professionals, dedicated to creating highly competitive services. Our teams are truly multidisciplinary, allowing us to approach complex projects with a unique perspective.

Over the years, we have consolidated our identity as your perfect strategic partner for trends in technology and data. We are committed to staying at the forefront of the latest technologies, which enables us to offer cutting-edge technology products that meet the specific needs of our customers.

In a highly competitive world, companies need strategic allies like us. We help companies enhance their technological capabilities, reducing costs, boosting productivity, anticipating your sales and improving your results.

  • Software development: We create web and mobile applications that reflect your brand and attract new customers.

  • Data capture and analysis: We increase your KPIs by identifying areas of improvement and designing efficient data architectures.

  • Artificial Intelligence and cutting-edge technologies: We innovate with technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality and autonomous machines.

  • Talent Acquisition: We find the best IT talent for your company through technical and psychological evaluations.


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